Latest Green Obsession: Follain Handwash

By Rachel Sherman

image via  Follain

image via Follain

I would not call myself a beauty snob. But as an obsessive hand-washer (especially since moving back to NYC where I’m on the subway AND have a new baby), I was noticing that the drugstore brand hand-soap I was using was leaving my hands really dry. All of a sudden, I had to become a person who had to invest in hand moisturizer and add that to my beauty regimen. It was all a nuisance as I like to streamline my personal care processes as much as possible.

So I began the hunt for a new hand-soap that a) wouldn’t dry out my hands and b) I didn’t have to replace the plastic bottle every two months and c) smelled awesome. My search ended with Follain hand-soap. Not only does it leave my hands feeling great, it’s made of 100% non-toxic ingredients, it smells like fresh lemongrass, comes in a chic brown glass bottle, AND is refillable - eliminating the waste of the hand soap container. I call that a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN! As if that wasn’t enough - they also have a full line of personal care products all developed with the same sustainable, natural, ethos in mind.

Their online store is great - but if you’re around Bethesda or NYC, it is definitely worth stopping by in person for the true brand experience.

Zoe Feldman