Pinterest: No longer a fleeting time suck

By Taylor Edwards

I love a good Pinterest rabbit hole – the kind that makes you hop from cute shoes to reusable shopping bags to THE most beautiful English garden. If you’re like me, those pins are then quickly discarded or added to a board and never looked at again. So – in lieu of using Pinterest as only a fleeting source of pretty pictures, I’ve started applying an easy trick to actually USE the images I’m loving right now. 

Enter the “Overview” tab. 


Pinterest’s “Overview” tab allows you to view all the recent pins you’ve made, which inadvertently creates a mood board of what you’re being drawn to visually. I pull it up every so often to help dictate where I’m finding inspiration, and ultimately use that information to design truly inspiring spaces. I recently moved from Maryland to Texas, and this hack was extremely helpful when deciding on a mood board for my new space. Take a look below for details on how I did it!

 I’ve listed a few pointers below to help you get the most out of your 2am Pinterest binge (no judgement here). 

  • BIG PICTURE: As you can see from one of my most recent “overview mood boards”, I am not strictly looking at interior design inspo. Truly beautiful spaces feel multi-dimensional and layered, so it makes sense to look at your interests as a whole when deciding on the perfect vibe for your space.

  • COLOR: Next, see what colors are repeated across your most recent pins. This month, I’m feeling a jolt of red and terracotta hues paired with earthy tones like indigo or mushroom brown, and classic hues like creamy white and high contrast black. 

  • TEXTURE: In a similar vein, take a closer look at the textures and finishes you are drawn too. As per usual, I am drawn to weathered oak paired with natural stone and soft, cushy upholstery. 

  • CONTRAST: Take note of the contrast in the images as well – there’s an even spread of muted, monochrome designs paired with punchy, alluring art pieces. A well-designed space is one that has contrast and character. Like Zoe always says, good design has tension. 

Now – go forth and use that Pinterest binge to find your home’s perfect aesthetic!

Zoe Feldman