5 Ways We're Greening Our Office - And How You Can Too!

By Taylor Edwards

Photo by Stacy Zarin Goldberg for our Potomac Contemporary project

Photo by Stacy Zarin Goldberg for our Potomac Contemporary project

Our team has committed to these #ZFDsmallsteps in our office to lower our carbon footprint while we work.

  • Nix plastic bottles and single use cups at the water cooler by investing in glass carafes for your team. We added washi tape made of renewable, biodegradable resources to personalize our carafes.

  • Learn about your carbon footprint by taking this quick and informative quiz by Global Footprint Network. This can be a big eye opener for you and your team while providing easy, personalized next steps.

  • Educate yourself on recycling guidelines. Each country, state, and even city has different guidelines for recycling. Spend time familiarizing yourself with your local regulations, and read up on what happens when you recycle incorrectly.

  • Unsubscribe. Junk mail and magazines are wasted paper, especially if the paper is coated with non recyclable material. Not only do unwanted papers end up in the bin, they add to your company's carbon footprint when they travel via your mail carrier. Taking a few minutes each week to unsubscribe is an easy way to reduce your waste.

  • Digitize your processes. Utilizing an online platform to organize and communicate with your team cuts down on paper waste and allows real time edits. Here are some things that our team uses to keep productive and organized in the office: Harvest, Dropbox, and Google Sheets.

Ready to join us? Use the hashtag #ZFDsmallsteps and show us how your office is working to keep our planet beautiful and check out how we’re taking #ZFDsmallsteps on our About page!

Zoe Feldman